The Situation newspaper is an Open Newspaper that welcomes submissions from members of the community and strives to deliver the best and latest news to the local community.

The Situation began in 2013 and currently prints 12,000 newspapers monthly. These are distributed throughout Albury/Wodonga, Bendigo, Echuca, Seymour, Shepparton, and Wangaratta.

Submissions of up to 500 words are accepted for the newspaper (there is no word limit for those published online), each submission must include at least one image, and can be sent directly to the Managing Editor using the email below.


Managing Editor 

Andrew McBride (editor@thesituation.com.au or andrew@thesituation.com.au)


Assistant Editor

Aleisha Lannigan (aleisha@thesituation.com.au)


Art Director

Anjully Lozano (design@opennews.com.au)


Advertising and Sales

Mark Fellowes (mark@opennews.com.au and 0432 855 511)


Business Development Manager 

Leanne Meeny (leanne@thesituation.com.au and 0431 905 511)


Online Editor

Heather Fryer (heather@thesituaion.com.au)


Social Media Manager

Delia Jackson (delia@thesituation.com.au)


Proof Manager

Sharon Letts (sharon@thesituation.com.au)


Event Coordinator

Nicole Fraser (nicole@thesituation.com.au)


To contact your local area, please use your township@thesituation.com.au (for example: albury@thesituation.com.au)