Adamantium v’s Lightsaber By Matt Talbot

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I had a random thought today and because I’m a sharing person, here it is. Is adamantium strong enough to withstand a strike from a lightsaber? I mean, let’s look at it this way: you have adamantium, the strongest metal alloy known to man and basically indestructible, versus a lightsaber, a plasma cutter on steroids.

First I’ll look at adamantium: it’s made from the strongest metals on earth melted separately and then combined together in liquid form, solidifying into an alloy so indestructible that the only thing that can damage it is more adamantium of the same grade. Then you have the lightsaber, a plasma energy beam, the hottest thing in the universe. Aa a giant concentrated plasma cutter, it stands to reason that it should be able to cut through if concentrated on a single point long enough; you would have to say it has a chance to go through.

That being said, let’s put this argument into context of who would win a fight between Wolverine utilising his entire adamantium body or Darth Vader with his custom made lightsaber. My money would have to be on Wolverine for the simple fact that he is too quick to be pinned down for the amount of time the lightsaber would need to cut through his body. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions: email your arguments to


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