After Paris… the Western response against refugees

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Hillary Clinton strongly rebuked Republicans over calls to screen Syrian refugees coming into the U.S. based on religion, calling their “hateful rhetoric” a “new low

Do you agree?

Several American governors have stated they will take whatever steps possible to block Syrian refugees from entering their states. Senator David Vitter, running for governor of Louisiana, alleged that his Democratic opponent will allow Islamic militants to threaten their citizens.

Presidential candidates have said the US should give preference to Christian refugees and help Muslims fleeing Syria to relocate to other Muslim nations.

Such religious tests, where originally many settled to America in order to have the freedom to practice their faith, is ironic.

Not the first time America has closed her doors and was shown to demonstrate poor judgement – case in point the Jewish Holocaust.

Just before and during World War II,  the decision to cast group suspicion on European Jews and deny most entry on the grounds that with relatives and ties to Europe they might be spies or vulnerable to forced spying helped cost innumerable lives during the Holocaust.

Specifically refusing entry to those on board the ST Louis, a ship carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees from Germany that was denied entry into Cuba and then the US. The ship was forced to return to Western Europe, where a quarter the refugees eventually died in the Holocaust.


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