Anti-Jabbers Set To Lose Government $$$ By anon

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Conscientious objectors beware because the Government has greenlit childcare rebate deductions for anti-vaccinators. The changes come into effect next year and the main outcome is to protect the safety of children from preventable diseases such as chicken-pox and meningococcal.

There are reportedly close to 40,000 people who have signed the conscientious objection forms, a legal loophole which will now be closed due to bipartisan political support. The only people who are exempt from these rebate losses are those who object to vaccinations on strict religious backgrounds or medical grounds. That means that people declaring philosophical, personal or general abstinence will will lose a variable amount of money, but that’s if they were receiving benefits anyway.

These rebates that stand to be eliminated include a $200 a week child care benefit, the $7,500 a year childcare rebate and/or the $726 “Family Tax Benefit A” annual supplement. Aiming for the hip-pocket instead of the heads of parents who should be concerned about their child’s wellbeing is almost incendiary in it’s approach. Striking out at families and taking away government funds from their pockets will get mouths moving quicker than anything else. Some will use this agenda as a way to speak their piece on pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination while the children still hack their lungs out due to whooping cough.

This is a discussion that’s ultimately valid for most people, due to the fact that we’ve all been faced with the choice before. If you never got jabbed when you were younger (or for that matter older), how do you expect to form an opinion? Does the child get an opinion (outside of “ouch that hurts Mommy?!”? Are parents more knowledgeable than actual medically trained professionals? God no, parents need to take about 1,000 steps backwards and look at this from the outside instead of endangering children for the sake of a point of view. And yes that goes for you noted anti-vaxxers Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Jenny McCarthy, Billy Corgan and Alicia Silverstone.

As the powers that be make it even harder to avoid vaccinations, the most concerning problem is the people who will go out of their way to still not vaccinate their kids. If losing government handouts is enough to stop the tide of people going down this route, than all the better, if not for the sake of their kids but the other kids contracting illnesses because of ignorant careless parenting.

Having an opinion is what separates human beings from being mindless sheep; enacting your opinion based on something other than fact at the extent of kids? Hideously misjudged actions.

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