Being unemployed

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The joys of being unemployed (which of course are none)!

There is the constant look of disappointment from your family, the boredom, and the instant labels given to you as soon as you say that you are unemployed. Dole bludger, no hoper, no purpose in life – we have all heard it a million times over and it doesn’t make you feel any better.

Perhaps these people who start throwing around these labels should walk a day in someonelse’s shoes and see how they go.

Dole bludger – there’s a term that I hate!

It really does make you feel like crap. I know I hate being seen as one, although I’ve never actually had that term said to me. I still have that sense that people are thinking it.

What I’d like to put out there is that not all people who are unemployed are dole bludgers!

There are genuine people, like myself, who are just struggling to pick up work but are busting their butts trying to find it. All we are asking for is to be given a chance!

Then, of course, there is the constant pressure from your parents, which only stresses you out more. You know they are just doing it because they’re worried. But what is it achieving? Nothing but stress!

Up until a year ago, I was working in retail. Seven years I had been there without any issues.

I did my work, was always punctual and kept out of trouble. I won’t name the company I was working for, but I was taken to the manger’s office one night through my shift and told I basically had two weeks left.

I was given no reason for being let go, nor had any written warnings (although you are meant to have three). I was not impressed at all and see this as a total unfair dismissal, but chose not to take it any further.

Since then, I have spent 12 months trying to find work and have gotten nowhere. I have sent out resume after resume applying for jobs and am constantly being turned down.

It gets rather frustrating. I think to myself, how does someone like myself who has completed my year 12 VCE, has 7 years of retail/customer service experience get turned down almost every time?

After awhile you really do just lose confidence and start to see yourself as worthless, and this is not the attitude that you want. I have managed to pick up a few interviews but never make it past that stage.

Although I don’t have my age printed on my resume, I do think that it’s one of the big factors. They would rather give the position to a 17-year-old who has no idea what they are doing rather than someone like myself who has experience, all because they don’t want to pay more.

That is seen as discrimination and it needs to stop.

I have since gone back to school to gain a qualification and hopefully actually land work out of it because it’s pretty clear that retail is not working for me.

Please, take into consideration what a person’s going through before you are quick to label them a dole bludger because, until you are going through it yourself, you have no idea how it feels.

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