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Seymour FM 103.9 Presenter Profile

Callum Watson

BY Leanne Meeny

Sixteen-year-old Callum Watson is a star in the making.

I was fortunate enough to spend an hour with him while he was presenting his show “One Stop Hip Hop” on Seymour 103.9 FM on a Sunday.

Callum loves what he does and it shows. He says he was offered the opportunity of presenting his own show nearly 12 months ago, after completing work experience with the station through his school.

“The first day I got there and there was nobody at the station to meet me. I stood around for ages outside in the rain waiting for somebody to come, which they eventually did. I was hooked straight away. The first interview I ever participated in was with Rob Mitchell (when he was a state politician).”

It seems it didn’t take the powers that be at the station very long to realise they had a gem on their hands, and Callum was offered his own show. Callum says it was always going to be a hip hop show as this is his passion.

He explained that hip hop combines old music with new, with a twist. He describes it as giving a new breath to old music.

His show consists of a blend of music he enjoys and interviews with locally based hip hop artists, some of which are internationally known.

When asked what the best thing is about presenting his show, Callum explains: “What I love about it the most is what it’s done for my confidence. I was the shy kid at school, not really a popular kid. Now, people know me and want to chat to me. Even the principal of the school told me he doesn’t really like hip hop but he loves what I’m doing.”

Callum says his gig at the radio station combines his passion for hip hop with wanting to reach out to the local community. He has regular listeners every week not only from Seymour but from right around the country. His dream job would be in music production or as a paid disc jockey.

I have no doubt he will realise his dream. Watch this space!

In the meantime, tune into Callum’s program on 103.9 Seymour FM on any Sunday between 4 and 5pm.


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