Burlesque – Movie Review

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(Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher)

BY Danielle Rosewall

Storyline: Small town girl, Ali Rose, moves to Los Angeles after quitting her job as a waitress. Once in LA she hopes to become a singer but fails at each audition she attends. One night, she finds herself in a burlesque club and decides she wants to be on stage with the performers.

Ali meets and befriends bartender Jack, who refers her to the club owner, Tess, for an audition. But she is rejected. Instead of leaving, Ali starts serving the customers and Tess ends up hiring her as a waitress. Returning home from work one night, she discovers her apartment has been broken into and all her money gone. With nowhere else to go, she turns to Jack.

When one of the dancers falls pregnant, auditions are held to find a replacement. Ali tries out and eventually persuades Tess to hire her as a dancer. Main dancer Nikki turns up drunk one evening and Tess asks her to go home, and that Ali will replace her. This angers Nikki who sabotages the performance by pulling out the plug on the sound board. But Ali saves the show by singing, which surprises everyone. Tess praises Ali and tells everyone that she is going to rewrite the show around Ali, believing her to be the ticket to help boost sales and get her club out of debt.

The review: I first saw the movie trailer quite awhile ago and it seemed okay. It did take me a minute to realise that the main star in the film was in fact Christina Aguilera. I had never seen her act before and was pretty keen to see how she would go. I watched the movie and loved it. Christina Aguleria played her role well along side Cher.

The music and performances were good and, of course, there were awesome costumes. My favourite song was being Bound to You.

My one criticism of this movie would be the storyline is very similar to that of Coyote Ugly: girl from small town heads to the city in hopes of success in music/dance; has a hard time at first; and, the apartment is broken into. Perhaps the writers could have changed that storyline slightly to avoid similarity.

I was impressed with Cher, also. I thought she played her character of the club owner very well. She kept you amused with her sarcasm and one-liners. But you also saw her struggle with trying to keep the club running. I was expecting to see her perform more in the movie, but it was more focused on Christina.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, you will be singing along with it in no time.

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