Can Microsoft Win Back Customers?

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First showcased at the Build Conference in April of 2014, Microsoft has finally listened to it’s customers after the outcry of criticism that plagued the release of Windows 8. Features such as the much beloved Start Menu are making their return with Windows 10, along with a lot of new things as well that to it’s credit, Windows 8 managed to improve upon, such as load speed increases along with improved battery life and efficiency improvements to memory management.

Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 are to attempt to unify the Windows PC, Phone, Embedded products as well as the XBOX and Surface tablets around a common development core, allowing programmers to support more products much more easily.

Some of the new additions to Windows 10 currently announced have been the introduction of Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri, called Cortana; a search assistant located in the task bar near the ‘new’ revised Start menu; a new web browser built from the ground up to support the ever evolving web of the Internet currently codenamed Spartan, and this new browser will have a brand new rendering engine as well as all new features, with backwards compatibility for older websites that cannot take advantage of Spartan’s new features.

For multimedia and gaming enthusiasts, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about you either with an updated XBOX add-on which will supersede the current Smart glass on Windows, along with DVR recording to record the last 30seconds of gameplay. Windows 10 will also allow you to stream XBOX One console games to your PC – vice versa capability is being looked out also.

Windows 10 will also ship with DirectX 12, shown to the public back in March 2014 at GDC. The latest edition aims to provide ‘console-level efficiency’ and ‘closer to the metal’ access to hardware resources, and reduced CPU and graphics driver overheat which has plagued the API for many years, with company’s such as AMD even developing their own rival API called ‘Mantle’ to encourage Microsoft to update DirectX for the better of everyone.

More information about Windows 10 will be revealed in March at the 2015 Build conference.


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