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It was not that long ago that Daily Deals were all the rage for many people and businesses all over Australia. But now there are some that have been dying off and are no longer operating in the same fashion that they were.

The largest daily deal websites still operate and provide deals for people all over the world. There were some in Australia that were operating for a few years, but suddenly stopped before the turn of the year or have fewer deals available for their customer base, no matter how large.

Providing deals all across Australia for restaurants, flights, hotels, vacations, technology, gifts and other knick knacks, these sites have been around and are staying around for the ability to have the best provided from the world to the world, so that there are always advantages of spending that bit less for all Australians.

Groupon, Catch of The Day, Scoopon, OO, Spreets and Living Social are some of the largest in Australia. Currently, they offer thousands of deals every day to millions of Australian clients, all getting the best from these deals no matter the day.

However, there are some that are no longer operating or just not very active anymore. A few of these are some such as DealMonkey, DealFree and All Todays Best Deals.

DealMonkey and DealFree were once one in the same. DealMonkey was a daily deals website, and since they turned into a deal aggregation website they provided over 100,000 members as a deals site, and then over 500,000 as an aggregation website, providing lists of all available deals from all over Australia by many providers.

After it changed, Two Dollar Deals was born, and provided deals to all those members under DealMonkey, as well as many more that signed up just for Two Dollar Deals. These deals saved people a lot of money because all they paid was $2. If they never got around to claiming the deal, all they lost was $2 rather than losing the entire amount of the deal. Since then it became DealFree, which as the name suggests provided deals to the members free of charge.

The aggregation sites still exist and are out there, and still provide their members with up to the minute deals for them to take advantage of. But these old ones, DealMonkey and All Todays Best Deals died long ago and no longer provide any customised deal emails to their members – if they have any left.

Losing many of these sites is sad, but still the times move forward and the “big boys” in the market will always be more successful than the smaller companies that start up to provide a better experience for their members.

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