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BY Jay

Most people think depression is just being down/sad or having suicidal thoughts.

But it is so much more then that.

It’s constantly feeling as if the world is working against you. The constant struggle of forcing yourself to even get out of bed.

To do anything other then hide yourself away in a dark room, under the blankets and never leave or socialise.

I personally struggle with depression. I fight a war with myself everyday.

Constant thoughts, constant doubts.

It’s so hard to pretend you are okay, when all you want to do is break down and cry.

The attempt of ending your own life – that’s when it hits you, that is when it all becomes real.

That’s when you are at a point when you can no longer hide that you need help.

Recently I have brought it to attention, that I do need help.

And I have had nothing but support.

Taking your own life is never the answer, there is help available.

And you do not only take your own life but you destroy your family & your friends too.

Where to go for help;

General Practitioners


Mental Health Nurse Practitioners



Life Line

Beyond Blue

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