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Bendigo Dragons Gridiron team plays its first home game in the month of June at the Tom Flood Sports Centre in Bendigo. This season’s should continue to provide some awesome competition with the Dragons giving their all in Division two.

The match versus the Monash Barbarians is on at 7pm on Saturday 20th June, they also come up against Gippsland Gladiators and the Ballarat Falcons in the Division.  The Gridiron Victoria League has brought with it imports from America as well as Aussie players and the sport locally and Victoria wide continues to grow. It offers chances for players of all shapes and sizes to take to the field.

When the Dragons started in 2012, they began with a Facebook page seeking interest for a local American footy team to compete in the Victoria Gridiron League.  Around September 2012, a meeting was held with at least 20 people putting up their hand to take part.  The team numbers grew from 20 to 40 players and then the very first training session was held.  The popularity of a potential side was on show with the Dragons first match against the Northern Raiders at Geelong in May 2013.  The team played some great footy and made it through to finals and finished second.

They gained a huge vote of confidence and were titled the Best Conducted Club.  The Dragons President said, “This season our aim is to take the division two title”.  There is more interest with athletes choosing to play Gridiron as their number one sport in the regional areas.

Anyone wanting more information about the Bendigo Dragons can go to www.gridironvictoria.com.au

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