Easter Time

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It’s Easter time again

This is my Easter rhyme

The Easter bunny goes hippity hop

My Easter eggs I will not drop.

This year I might be lucky to see the Easter bunny

If not I will have to buy my own Easter eggs with my own money

The Easter eggs and Hot Cross buns are already out

I have Easter eggs I have Easter eggs I shout.

Hollow Easter bunnies or solid Easter bunnies which are better

I better be careful not to get chocolate on my sweater

I hope I get lots of Easter eggs this year

Not getting any Easter eggs is my biggest fear.

What type of Easter egg will I buy?

Is there an Easter egg as high as the Sky?

I might go a watch the Easter parade

Have you ever had chocolate which has been home made?

I might try a Hot Cross Bun

Or go on an Easter egg hunt oh what fun

Have you tried a marshmallow Easter bunny?

I hope Easter this year will be sunny.

I might get some Easter eggs after Easter which are going cheap

If I do not get any Easter eggs I will have to weep

I’m so egg-cited about Easter!

So I Hope you have an egg-ceptional and egg-stra ordinary Easter.

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