Everybody’s gone to the rapture. By DeRanged

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Game Review

Everybody’s gone to the rapture

Published by: Sony Compter Entertainment

Developed by: The Chinese Room & SCE Santa Monica Studio

Genre: Adventure Single Player

Release Date: August 11th 2015 Worldwide on the PS4

Well I’m back Boys and girls and have I been playing some awesome games since I’ve been gone. But today I’ve going to be talking to you about a game called Everybody’s gone to the rapture.

EGTTR is more like a exprience than a game, there are next to no cntrols in the game (apart from Move and run buttons , and X to interact with stuff), but its one of the best gaming expeinces that Ive had in ages.

The Plot is the game begins with the player standing near a gate to an observatory, with a voiceover stating, “This is Dr. Katherine Collins. I don’t know if anyone will hear this. It’s all over. I’m the only one left.” It soon becomes clear that the player is in a fictional deserted village named Yaughton in Shropshire, England, and must discover how everybody went missing. Mysterious floating balls of light swim around the air which lead the player or morph into human shapes to depict various events in the village, all of which depict the lead-up to the events which caused the rapture.


I’m torn on what to give this game, on one hand you have a game with very little action in it and can be finished really quickly, however if you take your time and listen to the stories of the charcaters in the game, you’ll have one of the best gaming expeinces of your life. The grapics are quite stunning and the soundtrack is a thing of beatuy

EGTTR gets 9 out of 10 and is a DeRanged Pick for a game that should play.

Until next time Good gaming boys and Girls.

DeRanged Gamer.

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