Game Review: Pokémon Free to Play BY Jayden Evans

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It had been sometime since I last dusted off my 3ds and I’m glad I did because I found two great free to play games Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Rumble World. Pokémon Shuffle is a puzzle game and Pokémon Rumble World is a dungeon crawler.

Pokémon Shuffle is simple; you have to match three or more Pokémon together to perform attacks on your opponent. Upon defeating them you have a chance to catch them, or if it’s a trainer you receive a mega stone. Mega stones allow you to increase the combos you make after so many attacks using a certain Pokémon. Each battle costs you a heart, you start with 5 when you run out you either have to wait a set amount of time or buy more using gems which are obtained throughout the game or purchased with real world money. What I really liked was that this game didn’t feel like you were being forced into spending real money on it, unlike most free to play games.

Pokémon Rumble World is a fast game each dungeon only takes a few minutes to complete and as for game play it’s as simple as moving and spamming A or B. Unlike Pokémon Shuffle, Rumble World wants you to spend money as each dungeon is ‘pay to play’ other than the starter dungeons and it doesn’t take long to fully complete a dungeon. The art design is one of my favourites as all the Pokémon are wind-up toys.

Both games are good however I found Pokémon Rumble World gets old quickly if you don’t buy more locations; if I had to recommend only one I would have to say Shuffle as it felt less restrictive, however I highly recommend both as I found it best to swap back and forth between the two to avoid the free to play delay times.

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