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Australia@2015 is a first in Australian public opinion surveys. For the first
time, an Australian survey will be conducted in English and a broad range of
community languages, nineteen in total.

Australia@2015 will help us understand the outlook of Australian-born and
immigrants at this important time in our history – a time of rapid population
growth, rising security concerns and questioning of the working of Australian

Australia@2015 will explore views on
Fairness in Australian society
Life satisfaction
The best – and the worst – aspects of Australian life
Trust in fellow Australians and our institutions, such as police and
The media
Neighbourhood life
Cultural diversity
Expectations for the future

Australia@2015 builds on eight years of Scanlon Foundation surveying and
is led by Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University. Past surveys have
shown strong support for Australia’s multicultural society and pointed to areas
for attention to build community and social cohesion.

Australia@2015 will provide knowledge for policy makers, opinion leaders,
researchers, communities – and for you.

Please join the national conversation

Access the survey here


Preview attachment ARABIC_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

ARABIC_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment CHINESE_simplified-Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

CHINESE_simplified-Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment CHINESE_traditional-Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

CHINESE_traditional-Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment DARI_Australia@2015_u.pdf


Preview attachment DINKA_Australia@2015_u.pdf


Preview attachment ENGLISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

ENGLISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment FRENCH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

FRENCH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment HINDI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

HINDI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment INDONESIAN_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

INDONESIAN_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment JAPANESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

JAPANESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment KOREAN_Australia@2015_u.pdf


Preview attachment MALAYALAM_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

MALAYALAM_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment PERSIAN_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

PERSIAN_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment PORTUGUESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

PORTUGUESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment PUNJABI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

PUNJABI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment SPANISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

SPANISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment THAI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

THAI_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment TIGRINYA_Australia@2015_u.pdf


Preview attachment TURKISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

TURKISH_Australia@2015 flyer_u.pdf

Preview attachment VIETNAMESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u (1).pdf

VIETNAMESE_Australia@2015 flyer_u (1).pdf

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