Hoons of Albury/Wodonga By Margaret McTaggart

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What is it with young drivers these days hooning around the streets at night, thinking they own the streets? Don’t they realise the damage they can do if they cause a car accident?

Seems to me that the young generation don’t care what happens to themselves or others if an accident does occur. Why they can’t just stick to the speed limit at night instead of speeding through streets and the main roads of Albury/Wodonga has always been a problem for some drivers.

We are seeing too many young lives being lost to road accidents these days and it will probably get worse as the next generations of young people grow up. There are laws stating our speed limits, yet nothing seems to stop these kids from doing this. No matter what happens to them when they are caught by the police, whether it be a financial fine and loss of licence for a few months and loss of car to the impound yard, it doesn’t seem to stop them from making this decision to hoon. They just go and either borrow someone’s car or steal a car to take on a joy ride and do it again.

It’s a pity our laws don’t allow us parents to take our kids to the local police stations after they get their licences and see what a holding cell looks like, or to a prison and speak to people who have made their choices to hoon and find themselves in jail due to killing someone. I reside on a main road in Albury and on weekends you hear the hoon’s around the streets at night and early hours of the morning, whether they are driving a car or riding motorbikes.

A young local from Wodonga was recently killed in a driving accident. He is just another young life taken too soon. As the writer of this article, I lost a relative to a driving accident when she was 17 years old. As a parent, I’ve made sure my daughter will adhere to the road rules when she decides to get her driver’s licence.

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