How different countries celebrate Easter

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Easter time is celebrated throughout the world in many ways. Here are some of the various country’s Easter celebration traditions.

In Germany, people greet one another “Frohe Ostern” which means “Happy Easter”; and children have holidays for about 3 weeks. Green dishes are made on Maundy Thursday, their Good Friday, and meals mainly include fish and lamb which stand for humility and innocence. Trees called ‘Osterstrauch’ are a huge part of Easter.

Holland celebrates their Easter with a more festive and family day which is marked by the carnival event just before the Lent season. The main attractions are parades, dances and masquerade balls, and tourists visit Scheveningen, Flevoland and the River Rhine, which is a famous water front. Some traditional foods are fried or boiled eggs, paasstol, lamb-shaped butter, smoked fish and shrimp, and people wish a “Happy Easter” to everyone.

India celebrates its Easter by acknowledging every religion. It’s a Spring-time festival beginning with Lent and finishing with Easter Sunday celebrations. On Shrove Tuesday, pancakes and Simnel are made; chocolate cakes, flowers and decorated lanterns are given as presents; and some of the best attractions to visit in India are the beaches of Goa, Kerala, and landmarks of Andhra Pradesh which really come alive at Easter.

Poland carries their celebration for Easter beyond the Sunday for another week, from Palm Sunday until Wet Monday. They start off with organising a “Blessing Basket” on Holy Saturday, which contains coloured eggs, salt, bread, cake, and white sausages. At Easter, all of the family will get together and sit for breakfast at a table decorated with some green leaves with a sugar lamb placed in the centre. They then wish the best of luck to each other and good happiness.

In Mexico they have many customs and religious practices they carry out at Easter time, when thousands of churches are filled with joyful people. They start off their Easter festivities with a carnival in Mazatlan. This event is nearly as big as New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro’s carnivales. Holidays are very popular at Easter with offices and schools closed for 2 weeks. Some of the main dishes eaten include seafood, nopal with salad, shrimp, and romeritos which are added to with chilli sauce or whole shrimp.

Here in Australia, celebrations are made with a public holiday and a four day Easter break with church services held, and chocolate rabbits and eggs enjoyed by kids and the kid-at-heart. The Bilby, native to Australia, is seen as Easter’s creature instead of the rabbit. Easter Egg hunts are very popular at this time, as is good old fish n chips, very much an Aussie tradition.


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