How to support your children in education By Mark Lawry

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Education for kids can be fun for both parents and children. Activities that you could do either at school or at home are things like spelling sheets or simple arithmetic problems.

To make it more interesting and add educational value, you can include spelling sheets on topics like different exercises, sports, foods, colours for a colouring book, illustrations, directions to somewhere.

You should give lots of recognition and support as children develop their skills through challenges. When working with children you need to give your full and undivided help and attention if needed.

If you value the time and commit to the children, you will get the reward of spending time together as well as learning. Support and empower children when they’re making efforts that move beyond what they can already do to give them confidence.

The main thing is to always reward effort with praise as that will build confidence and skills needed for children to live happy lifestyles.

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