In the Garden with Eden

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It might be July, but there is plenty to do in the garden this month.

It’s the perfect time to start planning for spring colour and give your pots a facelift.

Not enough pots? Talk to your local fruit shop and ask for some polystyrene containers, then just punch some holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with potting mix and add your seeds.

To avoid seeds rotting in too-moist soil, coat them in salad oil prior to planting.

What seeds to plant this month? Onions without doubt are the best as they are slow to grow but will reward you with their sweetness in spring.

Also, it’s a good time to plant bare rooted tress, rhubarb and asparagus crowns, and ensure you mulch them well and you will be rewarded.

Don’t forget to feed your citrus plants towards the end of the month.

Happy gardening, all!


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