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Well, winter has finally come and it’s a good time to dig your garden beds to let the ground breathe; if you have grown peas they can be dug into the ground to add nitrogen to the soil.

During these cold days there are a few big jobs to do in the garden, in particular pruning your trees, fruit trees, and rose bushes.


  • Roses can be cut back quite hard, cutting down at a 45 degree angle down to the bud
  • Remember to wait till the end of August, as this will avoid frost damage to new buds
  • Ensure your secateurs are sharp and clean
  • Protect yourself from thorns
  • Prune by removing half the growth from the top and sides of your bush
  • As a guide, if a branch is less than a pencil width, dead or woody remove it
  • Remove branches that cross over so that the centre of the bush can breathe


Also it’s a great time to do those repairs to your garden fence, foot path, brick work or woodwork that you have been putting off.

Good Gardening.

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