Job Interviews By CD

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I have been applying for job after job

Even for ones where I repair doorknobs

But I always got knock backs for every job I applied for

It left me crying and rolling around on the floor.

Then one day I got a letter and it said that I had an interview

What to do next I didn’t have a clue

So I asked one of my friends what to do

He told me to have a shave, get some nice clothes and a new hairdo.

I get my letter and double check the time and date

So I will not be late

When I arrive at my interview I see a lot of people waiting their go

As I sit down to wait time just seems to go so slow.

I start to get nervous as my name is called out I get up, go in and sit down

I have to remember not to frown

They ask me why do you want to work here

I say for the experience but I am thinking to get money for beer.

They say do you have any questions for me

All I can think of is are the uniforms free

I don’t know what I was worried about

If I get the job then I won’t have to be a layabout.

As I sit waiting for the phone to ring

I am not afraid of job interviews any more! I sing

All of a sudden the phone rings and I think it might be them to tell me about the job

The person on the other end says sorry you were unsuccessful this time and I start to sob.

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