Keep calm and listen to Lindsey Stirling By Matthew Glasson

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Lindsey Stirling: You may know the name. Those that don’t must have felt the same way I did upon hearing it, or in your case reading it.

“That sounds like the name of someone that is destined to be famous”. Well the fact is she is.

Lindsey Stirling is a musician, composer, performing artist and dancer. Most famously known for her extremely talented combination of violin artistry and dancing simultaneously, Lindsey has swept the globe with her infectious genre of music.

When you hear violin, you would most likely think of classical music. When it comes to Lindsey, you’d be maybe a third correct. She does write her own music with a classical feel, but then she takes a modern twist and has combined it with dubstep. What? What’s that you say? Violin and dubstep isn’t a likely match? Well you’d be quite mistaken.

It’s probably the greatest pairing since Spaghetti and Meatballs, but that’s not all. She has also done violin covers over a huge range of games, films/TV series stretching from the likes of Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, to shows such as Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings. But that’s not all: she’s also covered many current songs such as All of Me by John Legend.

Her debut to the music industry was back in 2010 on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent. Placing as a quarterfinalist, Lindsey was told her style was not good enough to be a solo act. That didn’t stop her. Shortly after she was contacted by a cinematographer known as Devin Graham. Together they filmed a music video for her original song “Spontaneous Me” which jump-started her online renown. Together, Lindsey and Devin made several music videos for her songs and the fan base grew larger and larger. Since then, Lindsey has done multiple tours, taking her unique style of music on the road. But her fans weren’t entirely satisfied with that. They wanted more.

Fans around the globe wanted to see her perform. It wasn’t long before she announced a world tour and there it was, her world tour.  Some shows were sold out on the very first day. Having seen her live in concert back in February this year, I can fully understand why. Lindsey has an amazing stage presence, and the fans adore her. It’s absolutely surreal. You wouldn’t think a violin could bring together people from so many different genres of music, but it does.

Personally, I’m a metal head. I never thought I’d get as addicted to a violin as I did, and I have no doubt that you will too. Give her a listen, I guarantee you’ll be impressed. Just remember, if you’re ever stressed out, or worried about something, keep calm and listen to Lindsey Stirling. It’s what we true Stirlingites do.

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