Life as a Country Footballer  

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Thank god my football career is near the end because I’d hate to be a young guy coming thought the local football competitions now.
Back when I started (2000), you didn’t have to worry about much, just go out and play on Saturday and train Tuesday and Thursday nights. Now you have got recovery sessions, leadership meetings, pre-season training camps, more meeting during the year and the list goes on and on and on.
It’s not that I’m against all this but it’s getting real hard to fully commit to all this when you have a full time job and if you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend/wife and or kids to think about as well.
Not to mention bigger clubs (Ovens and Murray) poaching younger players with the promise of big money payments, later on down the track they want to play at other bush country clubs but the clubs don’t have the money to pay these players.
 I did have one Ovens and Murray club chase me when I was a younger, better player but I am so thankful that I’ve stayed a one club person.
Country Football has changed so much since I first started that in 20-30 years, I can see some clubs employing players as full time players and not having to worry about work.
 Mark my words.
 Old School County Footballer

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