Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

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BY Corridor Gillies

In the early 2000s, Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park and the re-make of the same album, Reanimation for its day was a breath of fresh air. Highly original.

The band’s last two albums, Tree and Living Things, were great albums, but the tag of being categorised as New Heavy Metal has never sat well with me . Heavy yes – but also no. Commercial, yes.

Linkin Park have always had a couple of heavy songs on each album, but were more commercial. Now we come to their ninth release, The Hunting Party. Yes, there are a few commercial singles like All for Nothing, Final Masquerade, and A Line in the Sand.

When the first song, Keys to the Kingdom, blasted out of my speakers – heavy .

Bout time, the whole has to be like this,” I thought to my self, and thank God I was right. Have Linkin Park finally found their balls?

There are still the lead dual singers of Mike Shonoda and Chester Bennington - lyric sounds, rhymes, and melody and anger –and all the sounds from all their previous albums are there to be heard. But the guitars are the highlight, and a surprise – and very welcome to this listener.

To me, as a Linkin Park fan, the tag “heavy” now sits a little lighter (pun). And congratulations to them as a band for evolving and being themselves, and not just relying on commercial success. Though there is not anything highly new, what I do commend them on is that they still haven’t fallen into the trap of sounding like other bands. They still sound like Linkin Park. Nor do they copy (lyric styles)which all other bands especially emo, punk, and metalcore seem to do.

Highlights, suprisingly is the whole album. There obviously is a theme going on in the album, but I wont get into that, otherwise this article will end up as its own beast.

Guests include Tom Morrello from Rage Against The Machine, Ramkin and Page Hamilton.

Though no new territories or boundaries are broken down here, this fan has been waiting for an album from this band like this from the start. It’s been well worth the wait.

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