My dream job

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BY Alan Hill

My dream job is not anything I can narrow down and be specific with. It’s more like a category.

I have been a musician (guitarist) for about 8 years now. It has always been the thing I love most in the world.

So, my dream job is to be in the music industry working on or playing instruments, whether it’s in a music retail store selling instruments/CDs or playing on stage with a band. I like all genre of music; there’s no specific style I prefer over the other.

I’ve loved playing on stage for a very long time. I used to get stage fright, but that was when I first started getting serious with my guitar playing. I have well overcome that now.

I have been in a couple of bands over the past few years, but didn’t really get anywhere, unfortunately. But I still loved every minute of it.

I am also good at electronics and fixing guitars. I can rewire electric guitars and have changed enough strings to be able to just about do it with my eyes closed. This is why I think I have enough home experience to do any of these jobs as paid work, and I know I would love it.

Music is my passion and I am very keen to make my dream come true, no matter what it takes. I have also got my RSA and bartending skills so could do bartending in a music venue, and possibly play on stage some days or nights.

I do own a few instruments. I have 6 electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar and a microphone. I don’t own a stage-appropriate amp yet, but am close to getting one, so I am pretty much fine if I need to play on stage immediately.

So that’s my dream job, or category, and that’s the reason why it is my passion and hope that one day I will get to my goal. If anyone needs a guitar teacher, I would even love to provide lessons. I believe I am very knowledgeable when it comes to the theory side of music.

I can be contacted on 0447 844 629.

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