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In 1989 my family moved from Iraq to Saudi Arabi. The war that went through Iraq became hard for my family to live so we got moved to Saudi Arabia. We weren’t the only ones who moved as a lot of families did.

Saddam Hussain was Iraq’s worst nightmare as he killed a lot of families. Saudi Arabia wasn’t a good place to stay in but better than living in Iraq: we didn’t get treated equally; we got treated bad. Our houses were tents not bricked houses, and windy or rainy days were the worst days we went through. Water was hard to find but my family lived with it because we had a good feeling we will all go and live in a good place. We had relatives and friends living next door to us. My family knew a lot of people.

A lot of people moved to another town and we were able to build our own houses. In 1995 every one got chosen to go where they had put on an application. My family chose Australia because that’s were most of the people wanted to go. It was really hard for us because we didn’t speak English then but we worked our selves out and we learned English.

We stayed in Sydney for 5 years we got our Australian Visa but the house lease in Sydney was hard to handle for such a big family. My dad heard that Shepparton was a good quiet place; houses were cheaper than Sydney; a lot of good jobs; so we moved to Shepparton. We leased a house but then we moved to another house but we settled on one house and one school. St George’s was the main school that everyone went to because it taught kids with no English.

Stay tuned for Zain’s continuing story.

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