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Take a walk down memory lane and relive the experience of the past!

If you are a true blue Aussie visiting Echuca, you shouldn’t go past visiting the National Holden Motor Museum.

Is there an adult Australian who has never driven a Holden? Or at least ridden in one?

The Holden cars have a unique place in the hearts of all Australians. They have helped people work through decades of the harshest conditions. The Holden as an Aussie icon rates right up there with the kangaroo, Ayers Rock and Vegemite.

It’s been a part of our heritage since 1917. Echuca is fortunate to have the nation’s largest collection of Holdens, making the museum the largest, one brand car museum in Australia which is devoted to maintaining the heritage of this Aussie icon.

Like pilgrims traveling to a holy site, Holden devotees from all around Australia come to visit the museum. The museum caters for those who wish to take a walk down memory lane, and through a remarkable history of a company that put our nation on wheels.

Enjoy the sheer nostalgia as you relive the days when a Holden played a central role in your childhood, dating or early marriage years.

See over 40 vehicles including rare prototype Holdens, historic film footage, photographic exhibition, colourful hand painted backdrops and much, much more!

Visitors can select from a great range of souvenirs, including Holden apparel from the large souvenir and gift shop.

The museum is centrally located at 7 – 11 Warren St, Echuca, near the historic Port of Echuca and only a minute away from other attractions, cafes and restaurants.

The National Holden Museum is open from 9am – 5pm, 7 days.

For more information contact (03) 5480 2033.


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