New Green Thumb Ideas with Succulents

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There’s only one downside to gardening and that would be that pesky intruder the weed!

I’ve only just got my green thumb, and now I can’t help but look at plants and want to buy plants; but the only plants I’m interested in are succulents. And I have a plan to keep those weeds out of my garden, by planting those succulents in pots.

Succulents don’t need much looking after as they are a hardy plant. They adapt to conditions where water is sparse, and became plants that store water in their leaves and stems, which gives them their puffy appearance. They are also able to store a great amount of water in their roots, which allows them to survive if the foliage is destroyed, and begin regrowth when conditions become favourable once more. For the most part, all they need is good sunlight and well-drained soil, and they can grow indoors and out.

Rather than have a lot of normal pots, my idea is to adapt different kinds of items into pots, and begin with just a few kinds of succulents from around a thousand that are available. As they come in many different colours, my main object will be the colours of the flowers they bloom. And this will direct me towards which ‘pots’ they will be grown in, and whether to have them in my home or placed around the yard.

There are so many things laying around your house that could be used as a planter box, such as glass bottles, cups or a kettle. The trick to succulents though is to try for a variety of planters so that some can have just a single plant, while others hold several plants that go well together because of their colours and the types of flowers they produce.

It is easy enough to cut bottles in half, and mostly everything else is open at the top. But I want to be a little creative with my creations. I’m going to use old boots, kid’s pants, stacks of tins on a pole, and even broken garden gnomes.

The clothing is easier than I thought, as all I need to do is fill the inside with scrunched up newspaper and paint the outside in a few layers of house paint. Once dry, take the paper out and paint away on the inside until several layers have made the material very hard and sturdy and looking like a pair of pants. I just have to make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom – like all the planters will need.

I will start small but I know that soon enough I’ll have wheelbarrows, pedal cars, possibly a toilet, and, more than likely, some old bird baths placed around the garden, nicely filled with colourful succulents that aren’t bothered by weeds.

By Ebony Hales

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