On the Buses BY Jon Deadman

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It is not every day you get on a bus and hear about who has stolen whose gun to kill their mate, is it?

If you catch the 8:00am or the 9:40am from Cobram to Shepparton it is. Two days a week I catch the V line bus to Shepparton to write for this very paper, and every trip is the same. There is always a group of loud-mouthed, intoxicated individuals seated at the back of the bus. If they were to speak in a slightly lower voice it would be good enough. I’m sure the entire bus does not wish to know who they are having relations with and what drugs they are currently on. I understand that they are proud to boast about not having or ever getting a job and instead collecting Centrelink benefits to use for what they see fit. But the rest of us do not wish to hear about it.

On top of their loud and disruptive behaviour, they are aggressive. If you make the mistake of making eye contact with them they will start to abuse you and threaten you with being bottled. One individual told my friend he would “go to his house and kill his pets”.

This kind of behaviour in any public place should not be tolerated at any level, let alone a small space moving along a highway. I feel that this kind of behaviour should result in a permanent ban from public transport. The people who cause this form of disturbance are a complete nuisance to all those around and are simply abusing a public service offered to them.

I understand that keeping people such as this in check is near impossible, but I also believe that there should be some form of protection. Perhaps something along the lines of transit officers such as the ones in Melbourne and Sydney?

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