Orvil’s Train Trip BY Jon Baptist

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Once upon a time there was a happy little spider named Orvil. Orvil lived in a quiet little town in the outback. But Orvil wanted so much to go visit the city.

So one day Orvil went to the train station and got himself a train ticket to the city. He had packed his bags and made sure he had his top hat and bow tie. He wanted to look good, after all.

As Orvil was waiting on the platform he noticed that it was very quiet. He wondered what it would be like in the city. Would it be really loud? Would there be a lot of bright lights? It was all very exciting.

While Orvil was day dreaming he heard a loud rumbling noise. It was the train pulling up to the platform. This was it. Orvil was going to the big city.

Once the train had come to a stop Orvil walked to the open door.

“Be careful of the gap.” He heard the train driver say. It was a good thing too because Orvil had not seen the gap.

Once he was on the train Orvil put his bags under the seat and made himself comfortable. Orvil knew it was going to be a long trip so he thought he might get to know the animal sitting across from him.

But when he looked up he realised he already knew who it was. It was Eric the slug.

“Hello, Eric.” Said Orvil. “Where is your race car?”

Eric shook his head, “It broke down, so I am going to get some parts for it.”

So for most of the trip, Orvil and Eric sat chatting about the things they were going to do in the city.

Orvil said, “I am going to go to the top of the biggest building and going to look out over the whole world.”

“I am going to look at the city race track.” Said Eric.

As the train got closer to the city Orvil and Eric looked out the window. Orvil was super excited to see the outline of the city on the horizon. Orvil knew it would only be a little bit longer till they got to the city.

After the train pulled into the city Orvil and Eric made their way to the door. Orvil knew to look out for the gap this time. Eric said goodbye to Orvil and went on his way. Orvil had a very big smile on his face as he looked around the huge train station.

He was here, the big city. He was very excited but at the same time very tired. So Orvil found a nice place to stay the night. It had been a big day for Orvil, so he decided to go to bed.

Goodnight Orvil. Tomorrow is another day.

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