Patience BY Ben Missen

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Is time so short that people forget how to wait a little before they get something or to get somewhere safe and sound?

What’s so important that you can’t wait a few more minutes? In most cases, it will still be there or that person will still talk to you.

Is this cursed by the use of computers in today’s society where everything can be seen at the touch of a button or two? Don’t get me wrong as I use computers too and enjoy the things that I can access and the information is abundant. But when you see people glued to there I pods while even walking down the street, well it concerns me a bit.

The ability to communicate with every day things is, I may say, the natural way, like saying “hi” to a friend and have a conversation without props. It makes me laugh when a phone rings and everyone goes for their own phone, even when they know that’s it’s a different ring tone. Yes, I’ve done it myself ha ha.

The thing I really don’t like is people using their phones while driving their vehicles; I mean why do you need it right then, right now? It’s so dangerous. not just for you because you are having a chat to that person on the other side of the phone. It’s the people you don’t see outside of the vehicle because of concentrating on the person on the phone. Some will say that it’s a “quite road” or “I can do two things at once”.

Technology is always evolving; it’s part of human nature. I’d like to say don’t lose your own identity with these new technologies and don’t get controlled by the ease of access to it all. This brings me to this: A recent presentation and series of articles for replacing passwords and natural body identification have said they have developed capsules and body identification devices that can be embedded into your brain or stomach. These, they say, will be good for password identification and they say it’s natural. I have to say I’m uncomfortable with that. I don’t want to be bar codded; I’m human not a machine.

So get out and about and enjoy people and have a good chat with someone face to face. It’s natural and its fun. Take care; keep grinning’.

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