Photographer Biography: Mark Gray BY Sarah Gillespie

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Mark Gray is considered by many to be Australia’s leading landscape photographer. With 2 retail galleries and a growing list of over 50 International Awards, Mark is highly sought after by collectors world-wide. His photographs have featured on prime-time television and are regularly published in books, magazines, newspapers, calendars and more.

Mark Gray’s path to fine-art panoramic landscape photography was a long and winding one. A youthful interest in graffiti art, electronic music and digital technology was interrupted one night as he was severely assaulted outside a nightclub in September 2002. Amongst other injuries, he received a fractured skull above his left eye socket. An area of his skull about the size of a 50 cent piece had been cracked inwards, finishing up only millimetres from his brain. Thankfully, plastic surgeons were able to pop the damaged bone back out of his head and permanently secure it in place with 7 titanium plates. A couple of millimetres more and Mark wouldn’t be here today, or worse still he could have received brain damage and ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Mark was extremely grateful for the second chance he had received and made a promise to God that he would clean up his act and make something worthwhile of his life.

Mark was born in Melbourne and he started to spend long weekends in bed and breakfasts at Apollo Bay or The Grampians with his wife, and during these trips to Apollo Bay Mark witnessed a truly amazing sunrise that would begin his love affair with landscape photography.

Mark is a completely self-taught photographer and specialises in stunning panoramic photography of fine art landscapes from Australia and other countries.

In 2005 Mark decided to have a go at selling his work. While still working full-time as a web designer and with only a handful of prints in his portfolio, he established his first photography business ‘Australian Landscapes’ and setup a website using his existing web skills. His first clients included a number of family members, friends and even his next door neighbour.

As Mark’s photography skills gained, so did his business and he soon changed the name to ‘Mark Gray Fine Art Landscape Photography’. After experiencing massive sales growth for the following 3 years, he finally made the break from his day job as a web manager and became a professional landscape photographer.

In 2008, Mark began offering 1 and 3 day photography workshops to other aspiring landscape photographers. They were an instant success and Mark quickly discovered that he also enjoys teaching photographers.

Nowadays, Mark releases the majority of his photographs as collectable limited edition prints, some selling for up to $60,000. He has also expanded his product range to include a wide variety of retail merchandise. His workshops regularly book out many months in advance and are attended by photographers from all over the world.

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