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Recently, we saw our Prime Mister, The Honourable Tony Abbott, at Sydney’s Royal Oak Hotel on a Saturday night. We saw a clip of Prime Mister Abbott skolling a beer upon an invite to a rugby team’s celebrations. Then we had the media go down the road of condemning and vilifying his actions, even bring to their vitriol his position as the Minister for Women.

Well it seems that these same media organisations, from reporters to celebrities, are calling the kettle black when these people even admonish sports personalities and other celebrities for doing the same thing as Prime Mister Abbott did. They even laugh and joke and say how Prime Ministers Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Gillard, also other Prime Ministers and heads of state drink alcohol, but when Prime Mister Abbot did the same and only drank one schooner of beer, they came down upon him like ton of bricks.

Why? Well may you ask this question, as to answer it shines a light on the media’s dealings with the Prime Minister’s office down through the other government’s offices and departments, in not having daily press briefings and so on like in previous ministries.

It could also extend to the media thinking that they won at their constant misogynous attacks upon the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin. It may even go to the fact that their reporting of doom and gloom over the asylum seekers, as well their misreporting of children in detention numbers both in Australia and overseas. Well, our government has stopped this abomination of human trafficking.

It could be that the government has abolished the mining resources tax whilst keeping and passing on to pensioners the benefits, whom were to gain if the mining resources tax actually made money (which it didn’t).  Another reason could be that they successfully abolished the carbon tax that didn’t work, which increased carbon emissions over time whilst imposing great damage to us in rural Australia from the transport of goods and services to and from the main centres of our cities; the electricity transmission and water delivery that affected the productivity of small to large businesses; as well as our household’s imposed cost on environment benefits throughout our country, and so much more. Media has to find fault in Prime Minister Abbott somewhere, when they have got so many of their reports so wrong.

But here is a question for you to ponder over, media, when you look in a mirror or support your football codes and sporting activities and celebrity celebrations: Where is the true concern over their activities and others in the public eye when social drinking?

Here is a simple fact for you to ponder as well: When it comes to the fact Prime Mister Abbott only drank one schooner of beer, then left, what harm did he truly do in this action? He is an adult and well above the legal drinking age. What harm came of it?

There is a saying involving stones and glass houses, and going overboard in reporting the facts. Please drink responsibly, and never drink and drive

Refer to TAC webpage If you or anyone you knows have a problem with alcohol please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or beyondblue at 1300 22 4636

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