Road Tripping, Aussie-style

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It has been a few years since I did some travelling around abouts, and the desire to see some of our nation’s famous and infamous places is becoming an itch that needs scratching.

The trick is in planning the journey that will give me the most bang for my buck.

The bang I am after this time is a list of places that may not necessarily be picturesque, but certainly photogenic for a whole other reason: I want to stand beside the signs of some awesome towns and places.

Starting off in Albury, I’m going to head west south west for a while until I get just past Bendigo, then seek out the Chinaman’s Knob. I don’t know if it is big enough to take in the Backstairs Passage, but Mount Buggery is a possibility.

I don’t know who named these places but Matthew Flinders found the Passage with his Investigator probing about down there.

With Poowong in one direction and Cock Wash in another, they might as well be hand in hand as they’re both out of reach from this little hill.

Then it’s off north west towards Swan Hill where I’ll lay up in Tittybong. There are a few bongs in Australia, with Humpybong one place to visit up near the Queensland border. It was an accident getting there as I was after a Happy Ending which a friend told me about. The kind folks in Humpybong said I was mistaken and probably meant Come By Chance in New South Wales as Happy Ending is in another country. Ah well, accidents happen.

I’ll keep this a tight trip for the now and finish off in Burrumbuttock, and enjoy a beer as I plan my next road trip with Nowhere Else a certainty.

By Phil McCavity

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