Salt of the Earth

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BY Deb W

Himalayan salt is the most pure salt on earth. Sellers claim it is millions of years old, has 84 natural elements and minerals and is not like the other salt from the ocean which they say is polluted and full of toxins. Pale pink in colour and mined in Pakistan, the people of the Himalayas call it “white gold”.

Some of the reported health benefits of Himalayan crystal salts include:

Controls water level in the body for proper functioning

Balances blood sugar

Helps combat the physical signs of aging

Good for vascular health

Reduces cramps

Balances ph in cells, including the brain

Increases bone strength

Good for sinus

Stronger libido

Is a natural antihistamine

Helps with emotional disorders

Helps the kidneys to pass excess acidity into the urine

Regulates sleep

Most people are unaware that table salt has chemicals and it can be quite harmful in large amounts. Table salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% iodine. Table and cooking salts that we use daily don’t have as much nutritional value as the Himalayan salts. Processed salts turn into sodium chloride which can be toxic and is unnatural to our body. This can lead to things like water retention and high blood pressure.

Over the years, salt has gotten itself a bad name. Like all things you should take in moderation. Too much or the wrong type can be a problem to us. It can cause strokes, calcium deficiency, weight gain, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers and some cancers.

It is claimed that Himalayan salt lamps purify and improve air quality, reduce stress levels, improve physical endurance and clear thinking. Due to inhaling the purified fresh clean air it also minimises positive ions from the atmosphere caused by the use of electrical appliances. It is also known to control and reduce electro-magnetic rays emitted from plasma televisions and absorb cigarette smoke odour.

Research on salt lamps show they can improve the healing process when recovering from an illness. They can also assist with asthma, sinuses, allergies, blood pressure, mould spores, dust particles and cleansing of the air. You can place these lamps any where in your home to enhance the room with a touch of ambience


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