SOS – The modern voyage of lost souls By Wes Jones

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SOS – The modern voyage of lost souls

By Wes Jones

We saw in the period of our recent past the devastating abomination of illegal human trafficking to our north fade away under Sovereign Borders, but it is alas thriving along the southern European shores.

The number of illegal boats and their cargo of misery and economic humanity are growing compared to ours, yet overall it is still the same. Whilst in the period of 2007 to 2013 we had something like over 50,000 paying illegal arrivals, this is nothing compared to the volumes that seek life in the European Union (EU).

But what we saw on Christmas Island on 15 December, 2010, with a boat carrying around 90 asylum seekers breakup upon rock and rolling churning waves is something still happening in other parts of the world. Additionally, reports of over 1,000 asylum seekers were known enroute to Australia, and now left to silence entombed in a watery grave is nothing compared to the EU tsunami of throw away boats and souls.

So you may ask yourself why one is writing about this again? Also why you should care?

Well, with people having care and concern towards those whom seek a safer life, or seek to protect their families from harm, there are a great majority that are what The Office of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and other member-countries legally define as economic refugees. These are persons that aren’t escaping harm but want to only gain financially and be an impost on the receiving countries.

So to why you, the reader, and those in our great, honoured Australian communities should care is these people wish to join us?

In this regard, there are millions in UN camps that have been processed and had their claims verified, awaiting years in limbo. Don’t they have the right to be in our orderly intake of our immigration quota, which places us among the top 3 resettlement countries in the world?

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