SoundWave 2015 Review

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BY Alan Hill

Soundwave. The mere word brings up thoughts of scorching heat, massive mosh pits and great bands. On February 21 and 22 it was exactly that, two massive days of watching great music with some great people.

We arrived at the venue, fought through the crowed and finally got through the gates to see that day one had already kicked off. The first band that caught my eye was I, Valiance. There was a huge mosh pit and crowd surfing everywhere, it was a great way to start the day.

After that we wandered around from stage to stage checking out random bands for a few minutes and exploring the area. It wasn’t until later that we made our way to watch the Australian pop-punk band Tonight Alive. I’d seen them once before a couple of years ago at the Warped Tour Festival in Melbourne and it was that show that first got me into the band. Today they were just as amazing as they were back then.

Right after that we rushed to another stage to get a front row spot for the pop-punk band All Time Low. Everyone’s expectations for them were already high and like every show, they didn’t disappoint, playing some old songs and even a song from their newest album.

Once All Time Low finished it was time to take a breather. We wandered around checking out what bands were on until we came across the metal band Escape The Fate. Their incredible guitar solos and powerful vocals were awesome and the crowd was ecstatic. We couldn’t stay for the entire set though, as we had to make our way back to another stage where we saw the one and only Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators playing a heap of their songs. They even played three Guns ‘n Roses songs during the end of their set.

A few minutes before Slash finished people were already making their way to another stage to see one of the biggest bands of the night and was the biggest crowd I have seen through the whole day. The metal band Slipknot was truly the highlight of my whole day, playing songs from old albums and all the way up to songs I’ve never even heard before, it was really a show not to miss!


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