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I have a son who, as far as I know, uses Facebook to communicate with friends, tell friends what he is doing, and uses it to advertise his business. I am not sure if he realises that the information he posts on his site can be accessed by people other than his friends.

I have a look from time to time at the stories and tales that he posts, and the comments that he gets from so called friends are some of the nastiest stuff I have ever read. It seems to me that he is oblivious to these comments because he just keeps on posting the same information regardless.

I don’t know what other social media he uses but I have seen pictures that he puts up on Facebook, so I am pretty sure he is using other social media to post pictures as well. Are they safe? Probably not. He tells me they are, but I have my doubts.

He advertises parties where kids go. Now, if older people are looking at these sites, then they know where all the kids are going. Makes you wonder if your kids are safe.

Stranger danger has changed; it’s no longer the draped figure hiding in the dark, it’s now the ignorant but often well intentioned parents of teenagers. “I am smarter than that – I have Facebook and I watch my kids online” Indeed you may but do you have a Kik account?

This app allows users to text without exchanging phone numbers. Or snapchat, an app that allows users to send pictures; or even, an app that allows you to share your darkest secrets with strangers; and there are many more.

My child would never do that!” Really?

The top 10 new forms of social media language which parents do not understand:

Fleek – Looking good

FOMO – Fear of missing out

Bae – A term of affection (before anyone else)

ICYMI – In case you missed it

Deadout – Rubbish or tired

TBT – Throwback Thursday

LMK – Let me know

RN – Right now

Thirsty – Looking for attention

NSFW – Not safe for work

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