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Being bored while surfing the internet is just like a tyre blowing out on the freeway and writing off someone else’s car…you just don’t know what to do.

Like many of you, I don’t know what to do while in the net, and most of the time and I usually end up somewhere and have no idea how I got there. So I’m going to suggest a few sites which I found interesting or just different from what I normally find.

First up is Popular Mechanics: An interesting site that has a lot of info on new things like space, tech, science and cars. All this stuff you can find on other more popular sites I guess, the reason I put it in here is well…science.

Next is Modern Mechanix: It’s like trying to do a crossword that someone started and screwed up on. While I don’t think anything new is being posted here anymore, it’s still great to read old magazines and newspapers because everyone reads in black and white and there is no need for colour.

Another is Documentary Heaven. While YouTube is free it is easy to get distracted by dancing cats and Justin Bieber. Go here and have a look at their large collection of documentaries which range from science and religion to animals and drugs. Most of these are actually YouTube videos you can watch while still on this site (no need to go to YouTube) and surprisingly these documentaries are very educational. I mean even I learnt stuff from a few of them.

Ever want to just listen to something relaxing? Well, now you can just load up the Rainymood site and sit back and forget all your troubles

Geocaching…it’s like a giant game of ‘hide the object’. You are able to find objects left by other people or hide something yourself for others to find and is played with people all over the world. Even Wangaratta has over 2 dozen hiding spots which players track down and locate, all through an appropriate app for your phone.

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