The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference

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The Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference will be

held on the

9 – 10 November 2015 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park.


To be opened by the Hon Jacinta Allan MP, Minister for Employment, the Conference theme Employment Pathways’ will focus on improving transitions for job seekers to help them achieve positive outcomes.

The key areas to be addressed at the Conference will include:

•Tackling unemployment for at risk groups: disability, regional, youth, mature age, and indigenous

•Other at risk groups: CALD, ex-offenders and those with mental illness

•Whole of family approach and earlier intervention including jobless families

•Return to work strategies

•The new welfare reform environment

•Federal government policy and programs

•Employer engagement and diversity programs targeting employing the long-term unemployed

•Labour market trends and research

•Job creation

•JSA, DES other employment programs

•Education, training and skills for employment

•Building personal networks and relationship form partnerships, alliances and shared experience

Keynote Speakers are:

•Charles Brass, Chairman,The Futures Foundation

•Dr Lisa O’Brien, CEO, The Smith Family

•Mr Darren Coppin, Chief Executive –Esher House Pty Ltd

•Professor Jeff Borland, Professor of Economics, University of Melbourne

•Mr Martin Hehir, Deputy Secretary, Employment – Department of Employment

•Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics & Author of the Fairfax Lateral Economics Wellbeing Index

•Dr Andrew Laming, Federal Member of Parliament, Federal Government

•Mr Rick Kane, CEO, Disability Employment Australia

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