The Ballad of Jules Fox Fourteenth Verse BY Andrew Hallett

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The two pirates looked each other and pondered their predicament. What would they do with the new arrival? “there wouldn’t be even the slightest grain of truth behind your story now would there?” Capt’n Fox enquired through grit teeth as he light his pipe. “if there was I think we could come to an accord of some sort. I cant guarantee a long life, but I can make you famous.” then there was along silence as Gunny judged the gravity of the situation. After a what seemed like an age he spoke. “I was hoping you’d say something along those lines was getting tired of floating around in that beat old hulk with nothing to do.” As soon as Gunny said that the tension in the room vanished and was replaced by a more jovial air. So then and there Gunny became a pirate. The next morning he went back to Capt’n Marshall to make a report.

It was arranged that he would stay in Tortuga for a month and try to find the pirates and Capt’n Marshall and the rest of the crew would continue on their hunt. Then he went back to start his pirating career. Though the first month was spent in Tortuga among the taverns and brothels drinking, fighting and gambling. On the day he was to return to the Albatross to make his report Gunny set sail with Capt’n Fox and his crew in the Lady Rose. That night he talked with the for the first time with the other man who he had met in the room with Capt’n fox, Bart. Bart told him how he met Jules after being left behind when he was on shore leave. He wound up in Tortuga on the advice of the lady he’d been with when he should have been getting back to his ship. Bart was a large rough edged pirate who wore a moustache of the same stile favoured by the Spaniards and he had a song for any occasion. They made several raids and Gunny proved himself to be quite the pirate.

Then came the day the day that. That bards would sing about for years to come. The day Capt’n Marshall would meat his maker at the hands of the boy he’d taken into his life and raised like a son. Capt’n Marshall had almost given up on finding the pirates, when one night as he sat in a tavern drinking with his some of his crew to drown the sorrows of another fruitless day. In walked Capt’n Fox dressed in a new calf length purple coat with silver buttons and gold trim, a pair of black leather bell cuffed boots polished to a mirror finish and topped off with a brand new cocked hat with a larger than life plume protruding from the brim. Capt’n Marshall watched the pirate strut across the tavern to the bar. Capt’n Marshall watched Jules cross the room and stand at the bar. Jules turned around and scanned the room. Only stopping when he made eye contact with Capt’n Marshall. The pirate smiled a gap toothed and devilish grin. Capt’n Marshall looked around the room for any of Capt’n Foxes pirates, when he didn’t find any he stood and walked with determination towards the pirate Capt’n. But before he had taken half a dozen steps a crack rang out that silenced the crowded tavern. Capt’n Marshall looked up to see Jules standing before him with a smoking pistol in his hand and the grin still on his face. Then the moment of shock was over and capt’n Marshall felt the burn of the led ball in his chest then he fell to his knees and took his last breath as he bled out adding another stain to the tavern floor. With that Capt’n Fox casually left the tavern closely followed by a group of pirates.

After the shock of had passed Capt’n Marshall’s crew borrowed a wheel barrow and took his body back to the albatross. Then in the morning they set sail back to the settlement to return their capt’n to his brother preserved in a brandy barrel.

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