The Haunted House In The Woods By CD

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Out in the woods there stands a lonely dilapidated house

Vines have grown all over the outside of the house

No one knows who owns the house

People have seen strange things lurking in the darkness around the house

Mysterious hand prints have appeared on the windows

If you pass by the house at midnight you might catch a glimpse of a strange eerie figure looking out one of the windows

A dark figure has been seen wandering across the grounds at certain times of the night

People had even said that they could hear groans and screams of pain coming from the walls at night

One Halloween night my friends and I decided to go for a look inside the house

I got a cold chill when I entered the house

When we were having a look around the house we heard the chime from a clock

We went into the room to find the source of the chime but there was no clock

As I passed by a window I noticed that a glowing fog had surrounded the house

I thought to myself that something evil must have happened in this house

Would this house become my tomb?

I heard taunting cackles and screams coming from another room

I went to have a look in room where the noises were coming from there I saw a menacing apparition of a red haired girl

She was dressed like an old fashioned school girl

The red haired girl hands were dripping with blood and she also had a demented face

She let out an ear shattering scream which shattered a nearby vase

We ran screaming from the room when we were out in the hall we noticed a strange evil figure standing at the top of the moonlit stairs

It started to move towards us it was like the figure was gliding down the stairs

The figure passed right through us and then it disappeared we all turned and ran out of the house

All we could hear was an eerie angry voice saying Get Out Of My House!

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