The Hospital part 1

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Sean was rushing through the streets, pushing his way through crowds of people doing their daily shopping. Sean was a tall man, with wide shoulders and a large build and in his haste he knocked over a young woman carrying a large basket of goods. The basket was sent sprawling and the store goods went everywhere. Right away, as if she knew what was happening, the woman grabbed the back of Sean’s shirt, sending him flying. He fell hard on his back.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The woman shrieked in anger, “Now you can help me pick this all up.”

Without a second thought Sean rose to his feet, looked into the eyes of the woman and without saying a word started again on his apparently frantic running.

STOP!” she screamed, “Somebody, stop that man!”

The woman started after Sean trying her hardest to keep up with his pace. Whilst yelling for help.

Sara, one of the woman’s friends seeing what had happened collected up all the goods that had fallen from the basket and started in the direction her friend had headed. Before she had taken more than three steps a hand fell on her shoulder. Without thinking Sara turned to see who was behind her.

A cold, hard stare greeted her gaze, a stare that sent chills of fear straight through her body. She stood for a moment looking straight into the darkened eyes of this stranger. The stranger in one swift movement passed gently by Sara, but in doing so his overcoat rose above her chest as if caught in a heavy breeze. Sara fell to the cold, stone ground, a river of blood flowing from an open neck wound. She dropped the basket and grasped her throat, trying frantically to scream. A tear ran down her face and landed in the growing pool of blood at her knees. At first no one had noticed what had happened, some still a little stunned from Sean’s little run through moments ago. It was a little girl who made the first note of Sara lying lifeless, a pool of blood gathering around her head, on the stone walkway. The little girl tried to yell but her throat had gone dry and all that she could muster was a shy sounding squeak, so instead she pulled on her dad’s sleeve.

What is it, honey?” He asked, not even turning away from the stall. The little girl still couldn’t speak and continued pulling on the sleeve. The man, now a little frustrated, turned and was horrified by the sight that greeted him. His daughter was standing by his side and no more than a metre away was the now lifeless body of Sara. Her blood was slowly flowing between the stones and under his shoes.

Not knowing what to do the man pulled his daughter into his chest, cradling her head in his arms. This attracted more attention and soon the whole street was surrounding the body, a wave of horror and curiosity in the air.

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