The Jayco Herald Sun Tour

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BY Matthew Davis

Each year there is a bike race around the state of Victoria. For the last 50 years this has been sponsored by the Herald Sun (or The Sun when it first started).

The race takes place in stages where competitors ride from a given starting point to a given finish. For the 2015 tour, the first stage was round a circuit in Melbourne, the second was from Melbourne to Bendigo including 2 hill climbs at Mt Macedon and Mt Tarrengower, the third from Bendigo to Nagambie, the fourth a tour around the Nagambie Winery area, and finally the fifth stage took place back in Melbourne finishing at Arthur’s seat.

The event draws crowds even if they are not full-time bike racing fans. It also does well for the communities they visit as it injects money into the economy through such as hotels and restaurants. Hopefully the 2016 tour will return to Bendigo as it showcases some of the top riders in the world.


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