The Road Toll: Is It An Issue? By Neil Sean Watson

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Is that even a question that needs to be asked? It sure is because the amount of people that end up dying on our roads each year is simply not acceptable.

Last year the total road toll ended up with a total of 1,155 nationwide which is actually a near 70 year low for the nation, and when you put it that way it sounds like a good thing. Which it is but the fact remains that over 1,000 people lost their lives on the road.

Think about how many families that would effect, how many people will lose a loved one just because of a mistake on the road.

But what can be done about the road toll? Cars are getting safer and safer each year but what’s the point when many people can’t afford a new car every few years and even if you can afford to buy one of the safest cars on the market, you can still die in it.

What do we really need to make the roads safer for every single person on them?
Something along the lines of a compulsory defensive driving course for people who are just getting their P plates and/or people who are just getting their full licence.

But not just that, quite a few accidents would be able to be prevented if everyone was able to afford the new cars with the plethora of safety features that are now standard on pretty much every new car in Australia.

Should a rebate be introduced to make this safety features more affordable? Food for thought.

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