Train the coaches in junior soccer BY Kevin Ryan

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The current formula for training volunteer junior coaches for soccer in the Goulburn valley is changing. While the leagues are now in the process of updating and expanding training programs with coaching mentors appearing at some clubs already this season, there are many teams and many more coaches who are still far away from where they need to be at junior age groups.

The league needs to continue expanding these programs just to keep up with other areas and within the league itself. Now, I am a volunteer coach myself and I am someone who is constantly trying to upgrade my skills and knowledge to continue to challenge and improve my groups abilities and experience, but I’m finding so far this season that few clubs are as prepared as my club, having had all our teams outperform most others in all age groups.

I’ve personally seen several coaches unable to run a consistent pre-game warm up and then unable to structure the team to play. Now I know they are kids and they just want to run, but having them understand the structure and the results it sets up is important and allows everyone to get involved and have a good time. Getting a chance to touch the ball and possibly score, makes the whole team happy.

The changes that need to happen for our region’s leagues to improve overall include more training for coaches earlier in the season at all clubs and have coaching mentors at games that are willing to step in and assist coaches that are struggling.

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