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I’ve been doing a bit of reading on what and how many uses there are for WD-40 and I’ve learnt some very cool new things about it. I suggest that EVERYONE have a can or 2 handy at all times around the house!

My Father-In-Law used WD-40 to kill a wasp nest. I was amazed that they died instantly, didn’t fly around and attack him at all, and no wasps have returned. I’ve also been told to put it on aching pains and joints. I don’t know how true that one is and have not tested it haha. I don’t think my partner is too keen on the smell, but here are a few homely tips that WD-40 may come in handy for you.


Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile floors; removes crayon from walls and carpet; keep hose ends from corroding; removes ink from carpet; cleans bottoms of pots and pans; removes tomato stains from clothes; prevents rust from forming on washing machines; cleans and polishes gold and brass lamps; protects silver from blackening; cleans black streaks from hardwood floors; removes paint from tile flooring; removes gum from wallpaper; removes crayon marks from glass; removes stickers; cleans smoke stains; removes lipstick from carpet; cleans black marks from shoes off the floor; cleans gunk from sills of fridge and freezer; remove dried toothpaste stains; helps cleans showers; removes rust from cookie tin; spray around the bottom of garbage bins to prevent animals from getting in; polishes silver jewellery; removes marking pen from glass objects; removes nail polish from hardwood floors; helps keep wooden handles on gardening tools from splintering; spray on bathroom mirror to stop it from fogging; spray on glass objects that are stick together to separate without them without breaking; cleans food stuck in and around refrigerator; removes glue from carpet; keeps VCR tapes from sticking in VCR’s; spray on lawn mower pull cord when stuck; removes make-up from carpet; frees stuck lego blocks; loosens hard to open twist tops; spray around garden beds gently to keep cats out; gets hair colour stains out of towels; removes stickers from crystal; removes melted jelly beans from carpet; removes gum from bed sheets; lubricates the exhaust fan over the stove, keeping it in excellent working order.

Can you imagine all these things can be ‘repaired’ by using WD 40? Well, stay tuned next month when we discover many more creative and legitimate uses for it.

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