What is integrity? By Maria Young

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Think of having integrity as having benefits similar to a house’s foundations during a huge storm.

If the foundation is sound, then it will stand up against the storm, but if there are cracks in the foundation the stress of the storm will deepen the cracks until eventually the foundation and then the whole house crumbles under the pressure.

That is why it is crucial to maintain our integrity by taking care of the little things. A white or little lie is still a lie, and theft is theft whether it is $1-00 or $100-00 or $1 million dollars. Integrity commits itself to character over personal gain, to people over things, to service over power, to principle over convenience, to long term view, over the immediate.

Don’t do that which you would not feel comfortable reading about in the papers the next day or week.”

  1. INTEGRITY is not determined by circumstances —Only by choices

  2. INTEGRITY is not based on credentials —It is based on WHO you are not by what you do.

  3. INTEGRITY is not to be confused with reputation —circumstances amid which you live determine your reputation.

The truth you believe determines your character. Reputation is what you are supposed to be.

Character is what you ARE.

Your reputation is made or broken in a moment your character is built on a lifetime.

D.L. Moody wrote. “If I take care of my character my reputation will take care of itself.”

Many succeed momentarily by what they know; some succeed temporarily by what they do; but few succeed by what they are.

The road to integrity may not be the easiest one but it is the only one that will get you where you ultimately want to go. Any time you compromise your integrity, you do yourself an incredible amount of damage. That’s because integrity is really your best friend. It will never betray you or put you in a compromising position. It keeps your priorities right. When you are tempted to take short cuts it helps you stay on course.

When others criticise you unfairly it helps you keep going and take the high road of not striking back. And when others criticism is valid, integrity helps you accept what they say, learn from it and keep growing.

The benefit of integrity is TRUST.

The bottom line when it comes to integrity is that it allows others to trust you, because without trust you have nothing.

TRUST —It’s the glue that holds people together and it’s the key to becoming a person of influence.

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