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Open Door Neighbourhood House has been running alongside their sister organisations, Pangerang Community House and King Valley Learning Exchange for 26 years says Gaddie, a volunteer veteran of 24 years explains.

They have numerous types of classes and customised training available for both disabled and able-bodied  adults, young adults and children.

They offer courses to gain qualifications in Disability, Education Support, Community Services, Building and Construction, Early Childhood Education and Care, which are all run by volunteers.

The programmes also include IT for beginners, basic car maintenance, Tai Chi/Qigong, senior level first aid, cooking skills, numeracy and literacy, gardening, arts and craft, playgroup and story time for the kids, as well as child care facility.

The focus to date has been to educate adults of all abilities on the necessary life skills to support their day to day living and give the greatest sense of independence possible. Each programme is delivered by a volunteer face-to-face in a very supportive and friendly environment. Every month there are new and exciting courses available of interest to all.

Pangerang Community House in Dean St, Wangaratta has an average of 600 people through their doors every month, with volunteers in management and an extra 12 on top of that doing a variety of jobs, including gardening, cleaning, admin, child care and their breakfast club.

Tanya Grant, the co-ordinator for Pangerang has worked there for 7 years and talked about how their focus is on the community and their needs between the sister houses, neighbourhood house and King Valley Learning Exchange, which are called the Valley to Rivers Group.

Some of the available programmes for this term at Pangerang House are: computers/IT, parenting courses, yoga, and art and craft programmes as well as numeracy and literacy, gardening, cooking skills, swimming, gym and bowling programmes available on school holidays.

It might be worth an enquiry just to see if you can come on down to the Neighbourhood House and get involved with something you can certainly put to good use. Please contact 03 5721 3813, or visit them on Ovens Street.


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