Will dole changes work

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Are changes to the dole the answer to eliminating high youth unemployment? We should be looking to education and training in our high schools, with even better links to the community.

Apart from the loss of internships of old, the jobs in industry and manufacturing that have slowly disappeared, we have a generation that have grown up in families with little, if any work history; they have grown up without work ethos and their family cannot educate them in it.

We have in Australia, especially regional Australia, little opportunity to find entry level jobs in which to begin working life, or a secure environment in which to grown and learn. Look at the advertisements for employment in Wangaratta and 99% are professional positions requiring experience and qualifications, even the trade jobs including hospitality.

Jobs in the public sector have become increasingly difficult to break into and are only getting worse.

So, do you really think an unemployed person under 25 years of age will suddenly have opportunities because Abbott has forced them onto youth allowance? There are many people in this age group who are articulate, have great customer service skills but don’t fit into the square hole that Abbott claims is there. Forcing them to leave their family and friends in pursuit of jobs obviously is not an answer, and we cannot afford as a nation to disenfranchise our youth.

We should take note of overseas efforts. Countries such as the European Union (EU) are faced with this issue and have unemployment at 25%. In some countries such as Greece, the rate is 59%. Instead of taking financial support away, they are pouring money into apprenticeship schemes, career counselling and additional funds to successful youth employment programs. This program is about giving a chance to young people to gain their first job experience.

The EU model is about focusing on growth; getting more and more stakeholders involved in the decision making to have ownership of the solutions, and to consult with those already involved in youth unemployment to avoid mistakes of the past.

Perhaps we could avoid making further mistakes by learning from those who have pushed forward to make informed and invaluable decisions in youth unemployment.

Information compiled by CVGT Wangaratta group.

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